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We spend our spare time perfecting the art of helping property owners: eliminating headaches, minimizing liabilities, maximizing revenues, and protecting brands.

Save Money

Our service is completely FREE, and with our service you can avoid costly and complicated parking systems. In addition, if you charge for parking, you’ll see that your parking revenue will increase.


Our service is FREE

You read that right, our service will cost your property absolutely nothing! No signage cost, no set-up fees and no monthly management fee. We cover everything and collect payment directly from the unauthorized parkers. What’s not to love about that?

Avoid costly parking systems

Not every parking lot can implement a kiosk and parking gate - logistically it isn’t always possible. For those properties who can, it’s a costly proposition. Installing and maintaining a parking enforcement system can cost a property $100,000 or more.

Increase revenues

If you charge for parking, you’ll see an immediate spike in revenue generated from parking once we’re on the scene. If you don’t charge for parking, you’ll see that revenue in the form of happier tenants and patrons.

Improve reputation & security

Our easy and simple solution can help protect your brand’s reputation. In addition, by having technicians on your lot regularly, you can improve your safety and security.


Boots on the ground

One of the most valuable benefits our clients experience when working with us is a reduction in unwanted foot and vehicle traffic. With a regular presence from one of our technicians monitoring your lot, we’re able to be that extra set of eyes you need - without adding to your overhead. Our team can report suspicious activity and improve the perception of your property’s safety.

Reputation management

You want to control your parking, but not at the expense of your brand’s reputation. We designed the least-painful parking enforcement experience possible with a singular focus in mind: create a layer of separation between your organization and the parking violation while allowing you to focus on the things that move your business forward.

Boots are better than towing

Boots are cheaper for the parking violator, can act as a visual deterrent, can be easily reversed without a fee if necessary, are less likely to cause damage, and make recovering a car much easier.


Cost consideration

Getting towed can cost upwards of $200-$300 in addition to daily storage fees. Our boot removal fee is $106 and can be paid conveniently through our online payment portal right at the site of the violation.

Deter violations

A vehicle with a boot on it is a stern reminder to other potential unauthorized parkers that your property takes parking seriously.

Damage reduction

There is a lot that can go wrong when towing a car. Instead of moving the car, we use top-of-the-line equipment designed to prevent vehicle damage and immobilize the car right where it sits.

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